Vanessa Simmons Debut Swin Line


Vanessa Simmons is doing the damn thing. She is the epitome of a Boss Chick. On July 22nd, Vanessa debuted her swimsuit line “Rose by Vanessa Jean” at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim and she looked absolutely HAUTE. I am really excited about her new swimsuit line. Hopefully she will make it affordable for everyone to buy.

Vanessa’s sister Angela was seen wearing one of her swimsuits called “Dary-Ann” which looked great. The swimsuit will be available for pre-sale on next month.

Check out Vanessa’s interpretation of a Rose:

“A Rose to me is reminiscent of a woman, very beautiful to look at, but – like a rose that has thorns a woman has flaws and imperfections that make our story, which makes us Imperfectly perfect.”

Check out Angela rocking “Dary-Ann”

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