5 Best Fashion Apps For The Fashion Addict


Internet has changed our way of fashion and its shopping. We can easily buy clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, dresses and much more through internet shopping. Until now we were using online websites to buys clothes and other preferences. But now we have digitalised applications that will easily allow you to buy stuff you’ll love to see in your cupboards.

These applications are easily available on Google Play Store. You can select your preferred item, put them in your wishlist, choose the best one and buy them with different options provided. These products reach your doorstep in minimal time allotted by the designer as well as the provider.

Let’s list down the top 5 fashion application for Android users. Hope you pick the best one for your smartphone:-

  • Bloomingdale’s Big Brown Bag

Bloomingdale’s big brown bag is an excellent application for Android users. It is especially designed for shopaholics like me and you. Big brown Bag allows you to search for different products under specific titles provided by the creators like ready to use, handbags, home appliances, handcrafted products and much more. You can shop most of your stuff from Bloomingdale’s easily.

How it works: Download the application, locate nearest Bloomingdale showroom and start shopping. You can easily manage your loyalty points, wish list, alerts, valid offers and locate nearest showrooms.


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  • Shop it to Me

With Shop it to me you can get your clothes and other items of different brands on sale. It alerts you when your priority item comes on sales in the nearest store. Users need to fill in their profile, size and referefered brands they would like to shop from. There are more than 860 brands updated with the application across the globe.

How it works: Shop it to me never let’s you pay te full price of the product. It gives you alerts before your item is coming on sale. You can easily shop as well as save money through shop it to me.

  • Gilt

Gilt is one of the best shopping application for most of the users. It basically allow users to search, choose and buy clothes and other items. It is a “Shop the sale” application for Android users. It provides you an update regarding sales on the best brands and retail shops. There is a pretty good collection of clothes, home stuff and other items on Gilt. It is a well designed application for buying, selling or window shopping on your small screen.

How it works: It simply informs you with the brands which have put up their clothes for sale. You can buy them in half the price you were expecting to buy it from the store itself.

  • Mr Potter

Mr Potter undoubtedly is quite an expensive application. It mostly provides you with clothing and accessories for men. You can choose different items, products, put them in your wish list, pick the best one and pay as you like. It is quite an application for men. One thing that can disturb you is its terribly expensive rates. But I am sure you can Window shop easily on the app!

How it works: Select the product you want to buy, analyse it through various options like zooming and comparing, put the item in the wishlist and buy the best suited. Quite easily and simple user interface for men.

  • Polyvore

Polyvore allows you to choose your clothes in a more interesting way. Rather than choosing cloths in that old school way, you can visit retail shops on the app, create a whole set of cloths together like a designer would do for you and choose the perfect attire for the function you are going to visit.

How it works: Polyvore can help you create different outfits together and aid you to buy the best one from different brands and retail shops. Overall it’s a great application for shopping from your smartphones.


Shopping online or through your smartphones is a great idea for people who are too busy with their work. Mobile apps save your time and money. You can shop your clothes sitting in metro or on a traveling tour. All The apps mentioned above are really good on Android devices. Do try them once!